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plast wrote

If you want to "affect change" you have to encourage people to organize and do something other than read together. If you want to make the site more entertaining you'll have to be patient and let the site grow organically. If you want to speed this growth, you'll have to shill the site on other lefitst platforms. Places like /leftypol/ on 8chan, /leftpol/,, reddit etc etc all have people looking for foss forums. One of your problems however is the fact that, other than being foss, brings nothing new to the table. Shit like peertube is federated and decentralized and so is mastadon. But is highly centralized and subject to the whims of one person. People here also enforce a very narrow view of opinion, causing conversation to be boring. So to sum it up here's what I'd suggest

1). Shill this site on other sites

2). Try to a create a culture here that encourages different species of leftists rather than tries to make them conform

3). Look into make the site more like mastadon(basically by making it easier to host your own instance and connecting them, maybe by having some universal front page common between all instances)


mofongo wrote (edited )

Also, culture is not created, it is organically grows by the interaction of the community. We have one, just without inside jokes.