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ergdj5 wrote

Used to be in the sidebar of /r/anarchism. Got removed by the mods that replaced the old ones. Reddit admins took out the old ones for being anarchists and put in some brocialists.


Amp180 wrote

Was this before or after they went intersectional and added the background image?

They've gone through a bunch of culture changes (good and bad) since I subbed 6 years ago and I haven't always kept up to date.


ziq OP wrote (edited )

The admins didn't add any new mods after they banned emma, hamjam and necrodisiac, that's not true. r/metanarchism voted to replace the link to raddle with the link to the meme sub to keep memes off r/@. Which is ridiculously shortsighted imo. Some of the mods did vocally push for the change so there is a grain of truth to it.