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transgendall wrote (edited )

"le Nazis were socialist" meme has come back with a vengeance recently.

I don't like the political compass. it was invented by right-libertarians to make their ideology look good as the "most free", and allows anarchists to cave to cold war propaganda and claim that they're "not like Stalin, I believe in FREE socialism"

we ALL believe in free socialism, it's called "socialism". it's an inherently emancipatory ideology.

the notion that "democratic socialism" is reformist or just social democracy, a la Sanders.

Cuba=democratic socialism

Norway=social democracy

Sanders should've run under the label "New Deal Democrat" to remind the country that we have been here before, that his ideas are not radical in any way at all.

with conservatives (and liberals, everybody right-of-center really), the notion that socialism is just social programs, and that if people aren't struggling they are going to just stop working.

even a UBI isn't socialism.

it's just capitalism + life support

the higher-ups in US conservatism understand this, they know what social democracy is, and they have intentionally dragged the conversation so far to the right that the centrist idea of social democracy is considered crazy and foolishly radical.

the obligation to assert that the socialism you believe in is "democratic" in nature.

socialism: the workers own/control the means of production

how the fuck else would they do it? dictatorship wouldn't be "the workers" controlling it, it would be one worker controlling it. of course it's democratic. or sortition or something. whatever.

"classical liberalism" is a fucking rash that has been going around in the last 5 years, basically a way for talking MAGA hats to smugly insist they are superior to "the political binary", the way libertarians do.

I fucking cannot stand identity politics. people only listen to me about social issues because I'm trans and Native American. it's fucking disgraceful.

I always have to distance myself from the dumpster fire that is intersectionality by calling myself a "marxist-feminist" or a "materialist-feminist" or whatever.

Marxism means everybody is equal, and the more thinkers we have on this problem, the better. yes it's important to trust and listen to marginalized people when they tell us about the nature of oppression. but let's not lose our fucking minds and throw each other under the bus for social capital.

call-out culture. the idea that if somebody says something that isn't PC, it's acceptable to demand your mutuals to unfriend them. this isn't how we build unity. American leftism is a fucking ouroboros at this point.

right-wing people and Venezuela. Venezuela aren't even socialist, and they are being sabotaged by the USA. Trump openly colluded with the Saudi government to lower oil prices to fuck them even harder, last month. the US is blocking all food exports to Venezuela.

basically "how many Latin Americans does the CIA need to kill before you realize socialism is bad?"

arguments over whether Leninism is left-wing or right-wing, like ffs Rosa already wrote her thing outlining this, the USSR is gone, it's not really a productive debate anymore.

nobody on my friends list wants to talk about economics or domestic policy or revolution or anything, they are far more concerned about whether cishet aces count as LGBT (whether not wanting to have sex qualifies you as oppressed) like wtf are you trying to solve by discussing this? if straight people wanted to "sneak in" to our club meetings, they could say they were gay. who fucking cares? cishet aces make up like 1% of aces, who themselves make up like 0.1% of the population. shut up. let's talk about worker cooperatives and civilian militias.

I know I'm gonna get people disagreeing with me on this next one:

I don't like the "fuck men" or "fuck straight/white people" rhetoric one fucking bit.

discriminating against someone based on their sexuality or race is despicable to me. even if it's "punching up", I don't care.

we are giving Alex Jones material at this point. we can't have a movement where we alienate people and make them feel unwanted. white dudes feel like the left hates them because there's tons of this "fuck them haha it was just a joke" haha PRANKD. it's giving Nazis a bunch of dejected white dudes, who feel like they have no place in the left. it fucking proves their point about "white genocide" because we are animus to people who have done literally nothing wrong, in their eyes.

it takes time to develop the nuance and understand privilege, but they're not gonna stick around to learn if we contantly say they are all pigs. for people who think that white dudes hold the keys to society, it seems like shooting yourself in the foot to constantly bash them.

the American left has this whole sociological theory surrounding intersectionality, where they have started treating "gender struggle" and "race struggle" as more important than class struggle. the only way we can conclusively solve the gender/race problem is by first removing capitalism. capitalism is the driving force that perpetuates this discrimination. they can extract more profits from people who themselves are less valuable. those who own the media have an incentive to keep bigotry alive.

that's it for now, comrades.


mofongo wrote

Cuba is social democracy, without the democracy.

Also, Marxism does not mean everyone is equal. It's a method of analysis not dogma or principles that have to be learned. What should be drawn from marxism is that everyone is pretty much unequal and that any semblance of equality or equity can only be achieved when the whole system is abolished.


transgendall wrote

oh, another. I am constantly rebutting stats that definitely came from the Black Book.


most of these figures are ridiculously inflated, not to mention that per capita, the US had more people die of hunger during the depression, and today the US has more people detained (involuntary labor and all) than ever were in gulags, even if you do it per capita or percent of the population.


ergdj5 wrote

allows anarchists to cave to cold war propaganda and claim that they're "not like Stalin, I believe in FREE socialism"

i dont think i understand what you're saying by this one


ziq wrote (edited )

They're pretty much saying Stalin was good and all the bad stuff about him executing and gulaging anarchists, LGBTQs, etc is US propaganda. Would have got my upvote if not for that.


ergdj5 wrote

Yeah, same. That one caught me blindsided.


ziq wrote (edited )

It doesn't pay to even utter 'stalin' and 'communism' in the same breath imo. That's the real cold war propaganda at play.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

That and the goofy "Oh I'm not like the other faggots uwu" shit with defending breeders. I'll stop hating cishets when they stop trying to fucking kill me and my family, thanks. White dudes did it to themselves, no sympathy for lapsing even further into being shitty people because they think there's some sort of fucking obligation for us to like them.


throwaway wrote

Whatever floats your boat, just try to remember that skin color and sexuality isn't some sort of faction. All whites and all cis aren't the same, and they aren't involved in some white plot against the rest of humanity. There is no 'they' and 'us' when it comes to skin color (or at least there shouldn't be).

In a way, you're riding the same ridiculous wave as the far-rights that claim white genocide and all, with that statement.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Are you for real? Pretty sure hating cishets for literally enacting policies designed to systemically deny LGBT folk medical and public service access, secure employment and income, and basic human dignity isn't some 'reverse racism' shit. Fuck off with your high horse and your horseshoe theory idiocy. It's straight up lazy.