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Pop wrote

I read your comment and the article you linked to and it has changed nothing for me

there are also vastly more languages out there that are not considered in that article
making the vague gesture of 'the east', amounting largely to a couple of semetic languages, japanese, but mostly chinese is on its own a reflections of languages beyond europe that europe finds valuable

I would rather cut out my tongue than ask people living in a postcolony to adopt a language that privileges coloniser language speakers as an 'alternative' to some other shit option

real alternatives plz


F3nd0 wrote (edited )

Thank you for taking the time to read them!

Certainly, there are many languages in the world, beyond what was mentioned; I assure you the author is aware of them, as becomes apparent throughout his work collection. But a couple which had similarities with Esperanto were selected to make a point, at which they should have succeeded.

If you're looking for an international language with a vocabulary not based in European languages, then you might want to look into Kotava—I heard it's nice and has considerable following (at least compared to others). Other languages include Lojban (mentioned here), Solresol, or Pandunia (mentioned here). I think Toki Pona draws from European languages, but the words are so few that it shouldn't matter much.

Myself, I'm going to stick to Esperanto, but hopefully you can find something that you like, too!