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Dystopia_Drifter wrote (edited )

I hit bandcamp pretty hard, search tag words I search discographies of artists I enjoy pretty thoroughly for 'split' albums and compilations featuring other artists then search those, which has been fruitful in finding bands with common interest to the ones already on my playlists. Every once in awhile I'll hear an individual in a social situation playing a niche song I'm familiar with and go out of my way to pick their brain.

Here's a couple recommendations within the genre's you prefer.

Mischief Brew (folk-punk)

Ludlow (folk-punk)

Lee Reed (hip-hop)

Blackbird Raum (folk-punk/riot-folk)

The Rebel Spell (punk)

For some of the more common or oldies I've stumbled across blogspots with large libraries, like this blogspot. They've got a ton, from Against All Authority - Voodoo Glow Skulls - Leftover Crack - Streetlight Manifesto

Here's Another Link to a forum with posts and file hosts.

I love talking music, feel free to message me. if you're in search of more recommendations. I steer clear from problematic lyrics as much as I can.