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Dystopia_Drifter wrote (edited )

I hit bandcamp pretty hard, search tag words I search discographies of artists I enjoy pretty thoroughly for 'split' albums and compilations featuring other artists then search those, which has been fruitful in finding bands with common interest to the ones already on my playlists. Every once in awhile I'll hear an individual in a social situation playing a niche song I'm familiar with and go out of my way to pick their brain.

Here's a couple recommendations within the genre's you prefer.

Mischief Brew (folk-punk)

Ludlow (folk-punk)

Lee Reed (hip-hop)

Blackbird Raum (folk-punk/riot-folk)

The Rebel Spell (punk)

For some of the more common or oldies I've stumbled across blogspots with large libraries, like this blogspot. They've got a ton, from Against All Authority - Voodoo Glow Skulls - Leftover Crack - Streetlight Manifesto

Here's Another Link to a forum with posts and file hosts.

I love talking music, feel free to message me. if you're in search of more recommendations. I steer clear from problematic lyrics as much as I can.


RandomNoob wrote

I let spotify's algorithm do the work for me, once a week I will listen to their suggestions and if I find one artist that I appreciate, I hit the jackpot!


rtsn wrote

I still use for that.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I download soundtracks from movies I like.

And I solicit recommendations from friends.

And I try random things I come across online. Though usually not from raddle - it's rare that I feel compelled to listen to stuff people post to f/music or elsewhere. But I think I like different stuff to most of you here.


ravengrace wrote

Listening to podcasts (I really like burning cop car ) Exchanging music with friends Going to local shows


transgendall wrote

Spotify has a playlist that's like your "weekly selection" based on your listening habits and liked tracks.

I also have youtube on my TV, and will let it play mixes while I'm reading. i used to frequent Pandora, but I've kinda moved away from it in favor of Spotify. also I'll lurk or participate in fb music groups, and I used to browse /mu/ and watch fantano reviews, but I outgrew that pretty fastly.


rickastley wrote

what kind of music do you like?


selver wrote

Hip-hop, punk, bluegrass, folk. But I'm open to anything really.


rickastley wrote

Try these, they're by bts, a really popular korean group atm

Fake Love(emo hip hop with a grunge rock guitar sound and groovy trap beat)

Fire(hip hop hype song)

Ddaeng(hip hop and rap with traditionak instrumental)

Save Me(pop/dancehall/trop house)

Epiphany(angsty/nostalgic ballady kinda sound)

Singularity(smooth r&b)