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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I don't really get any. As for others, if it's the rage of the oppressed I leave it to be felt, and if it's oppressive rage I try to counter it strategically.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I have to rely on my partners a lot to deal with my anger at everything, and be reminded that while it's right to be upset about how things are, I can't let it spill over and hurt them. So I try to keep it measured and space out things that stress me with time with my tribe and doing positive things that don't present the opportunity for me to act on being angry. If I'm fighting for a world where they're safe and happy, I can't be something that makes them unsafe. And that's motivation enough to work on me.


transgendall wrote

I'm not a very resentful or angry person. I am a recovering alcoholic so I have learned how to get over resentment and how to combat rage.

I am very passionate, though. I'll go on rants on fb or write music or something.


bloodrose wrote

Rage against the system? Planning. Lots of planning. Looking at buying land. Learning how to care for myself and my family with as little reliance on the system as I can.


gone wrote (edited )

Random strangers on the internet call it "suicidal ideation" and threaten to send the cops over to beat me up and steal my kids so I have to be a believable enough cyber psycho terra wrist that they go away just in case I really DO fly more of my airplanes into more of their World Trade Centers.

Not the greatest coping strategy in the world, but da childernz are safe anyway.

If they're your childernz and not mine, get them the fuck off my lawn.


ziq wrote (edited )

Mine? By targeting it at shit people.

Other people's rage being directed at me, I usually just walk away. Unless it's online, then I usually laugh at them.

Rage directed at the system, I stoke the flames.