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transgendall wrote

the USSA from my personal historical fanfiction. established after the revolution during the Great Depression, under a De Leonist state that decided on armed revolution istead of relying on full democratic support for their revolution. it's a literal paradise that engaged in friendly competition with the USSR instead of a cold war to get us to the moon.
the fusion bomb is still invented, but to combat capitalist English aggression.

it's the year 2018, and more and more countries are becoming socialist. we have a large military and a CIA that is overturning fascist rule in South America and helping them democratically elect Marxists. the technological revolution happened even faster with cooperation among industry, we have figured out Thorium molten salt reactors to combat climate change. we have robust public transportation, and without an oil industry trying to brainwash people, everybody accepts climate change and there are large projects to combat it: carbon scrubbers, reforestation, anti-desertification, etc.

LGBT rights happened in the 1960s, minority rights in the 1940s. everybody is cool with any identity now, and most people have had gay and interracial marriage legal for longer than they've been alive.

most of Africa is now marxist, most of Latin America is Marxist, Canada is a social democracy with much pressure pushing them towards collective ownership, Germany is entirely the GDR and they don't need a wall. most of the world has realized how much of an economic powerhouse the planned economy of the USSA is, and we have refused trade to anybody who doesn't take steps towards collective ownership, this has left the remaining capitalist countries like Venezuela withering on the vine from blocked food shipments and tampering with oil prices.

the USSR and USSA have done joint invasion on Saudi Arabia, and made an example out of them. most middle-eastern leaders quickly socialized their economies and created democratic institutions when we fucking destroyed the capitalist Saudi regime and instituted a libertarian, democratic Marxist state in the newly-created Socialist Saudi Federation. there are women's rights campaigns gaining ground in every middle-eastern country, and any leader who resists will quickly face an all-female coup.

automation has taken most of our jobs. the remaining work has been split among the entire workforce, we only work 10 hour weeks now, but we all have food, housing, healthcare, everything.

private ownership of industry is gone in much of the world, and countries who are yet to become socialist like England have even made progress under pressure from the socialist states, for instance outlawing landlording and nationalizing the land that used to be lorded.

China's socialist revolution was helped by the USSR and USSA, they are finally nearing post-scarcity today, with help from us.

Gorbachev was killed in a coup (by real socialists) after glasnost, before perestroika, and Putin is the current leader of the renewed USSR. Ukraine seceded from the USSR, and foolishly tried to make a fascist state with English help, was fucking smashed, and we put a socialist regime in its place. they are now sovereign and socialist.

we are nearing global communism, but we need to destroy the aggressive English reaction before we let our guard down. we just need to wait for them to start a war.

Sept11 still happens, but it's an English aggression against socialism. or a false flag, who cares? we have a big stand-off and series of proxy wars. there is a naval blockade surrounding great Britain, Ireland seceded from GB as the Socialist Irish Republic. Scotland and Wales are next, because they can't handle being cut off from the world anymore. large border walls are between England and neighboring nations. London secedes as a city-state, and is applying for status as a member of the USSA confederation.

life is good. capitalism, h/q in Manchester, is giving its last dying breath. the reactionaries aren't all gone, but without an establishment legitimizing them, they have all gone underground. the occasional failed coup, sometimes there are successful coups, but then the USSA or USSR steps in and coups them back to socialism.

it's definitely not perfect, but the state is withering away to idle administrative work, like the way a school board "governs" who can park where and hands out parking passes.


transgendall wrote

oh, and Trotsky led the Mexican Revolution, and he actually ended up ruining the entire country. everybody has to eat newspapers to not starve, so, that's how that goes.