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bloodrose wrote

I'm happy to go full primitive. I wouldn't give up my daughter because I am biologically programmed to be selfish in that regard. But all the stuff? Fuck stuff.


supernice wrote

If all that was required to abolish the system would be these material things, then I'm more than willing to go entirely primitive to do it too.

I'd miss some things for a bit, but I'd get over it.


OldHippieChick wrote

Same here, it just gets more complicated because my daughter is 30 1/2 and she has all these little brothers and sisters with all these problems and some of them would die without their stuff.

Stuff as in insulin pumps and bee sting kits and an OB GYN for the daughter with the bleeding disorder unless granny midwives can do tubal ligations on women with bleeding disorders since that's what she really wants, not stuff as in heat/electricity/plumbing.

Well, the pseudo-grandbabies would get taken away from Gentlest Daughter's stepsister if they didn't have heat and electricity a plumbing and lawyers, guns, and money.....

So yea. Just a dumb breeder here. Anyone wanna buy a used life?