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transgendall wrote

check out Slab City, California. it's not cooperative at the moment, but it's 100% anarchist atm. it's in the middle of the fucking desert, and you're allowed to do whatever you want. people will be cool if you're cool, if you upset everybody, you can get murdered and they'll never bother looking for the killer. it's a hostile environment, but this could be the place to start a commune.

also the forest near Ft. Bragg, and the mountains near Redding are both fairly lawless, both of which are technically within local jurisdiction, but are FAR more hospitable than Slab City.


bloodrose wrote

My father actually left my brother and I some land in one of those mountain towns near Redding. It is very white and very conservative there. While it is awesome my uncle got away with making a house out of stolen real estate signs, I don't really want to talk to the neighbors there. I mean, I visited when I was younger and I don't know that I have the patience for it now.

Looks like slab city is on its last legs: