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Cheeks wrote

Does it matter? Wherever I would move to I still wouldn't support the system that exists elsewhere. And honestly, the United Snakes is in an interesting place in its history. While state repression/oppression is at an all time high we are still claiming victories more often than in the past.


frooty_ram3n wrote

i guess we can say that both sides are a hell of a lot more active than they used to be


Cheeks wrote

Both sides of what? I'm not trying to antagonize, just get a precise understanding of what you mean.

As an anarchist I think we are outlyers of any actual political 'sides.' if you are referring to the so called alt-right in juxtaposition, then I would say we just pushed them underground in the 90's and they have continued to organize since. Specifically with the new political climate, the feel more secure being upfront with thier ideas. We have gotten more active, but history speaks volumes on the need and response of anarchism specifically in the US.