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ziq wrote

Whatever you do, don't rob bourgies outside the opera hall. That's how Batman gets made and that guy will spend a lifetime and billions of his family money to make sure the poor go to prison.


lookin4 wrote

  • be aware of your skills and resources and give them like products or services to your local community, but for free (as in price and in freedom; for example teach others and be a scholar yourself)
  • share your belongings, such as tools, books. convert private property to public domain (let people pick fruits off "your" tree etc.)
  • avoid chain stores, if you really need to buy something, go for used stuff or directly from the producer in quantities common for the industrial or wholesale sector
  • support or establish a local community currency
  • promote the disadvantages of being depended on the state and corporations and the advantages of depending on a self-chosen peer group.
  • downsize/quit your job duties, be part of a collective, do networking
  • do not commit yourself to make profit nor to compete with others
  • expect nothing, give everything, care for yourself
  • think of a distinctive design, let all participants know it, bring them together, reflect about inclusion, stay open and connected to the "outside world/reality", stay radical
  • inspire yourself by not forgetting to dream
  • keep asking these questions anywhere, do research, share the lessons learned
  • act, fail, learn, act again, fail again, learn again, act again, ...
  • taxes nature is they are bound to the state or citizenship, so I do not know any generic tip - except to go underground or play dead

frooty_ram3n wrote

pirate shit, give your media consumption budget to small creators instead


emma wrote

reduce your spending


rot wrote

theft, tax evasion I guess? taxes help the poor a little to so tax evasion is a tossup.


good_night_right_side wrote

Honestly I don't know of any real way of taking their money away other than taxation. Currently in the US, especially with Citizens United,it is near impossible. More and more I think that the only solution is violence, which wont happen until people start starving.


lookin4 wrote

reality fix:

  • find start
  • replace with have lost close loved-ones, who were

there are already a vast number of people in the world starving every single day. this is not a secret, nobody is denying it, but it is not uncommon that this causes impuissance, paralyzing from shock, suppression or else.

(sorry for this, cynicism aside. what follows in my next post, will be basic, but rather abstract ideas.)


good_night_right_side wrote

Starvation was a general thing I threw there that is relatable to all human beings. I am hoping, perhaps optimistically, that there exists a threshold of suffering where people would say enough is enough. I see your point however.


lookin4 wrote

In addition, even this sound maybe very liberal, if you really really need a bank account consider having one operated by one of them.


PerfectSociety wrote

Avoid paying for information that you consume - media of all kinds whenever possible.