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lookin4 wrote

  • be aware of your skills and resources and give them like products or services to your local community, but for free (as in price and in freedom; for example teach others and be a scholar yourself)
  • share your belongings, such as tools, books. convert private property to public domain (let people pick fruits off "your" tree etc.)
  • avoid chain stores, if you really need to buy something, go for used stuff or directly from the producer in quantities common for the industrial or wholesale sector
  • support or establish a local community currency
  • promote the disadvantages of being depended on the state and corporations and the advantages of depending on a self-chosen peer group.
  • downsize/quit your job duties, be part of a collective, do networking
  • do not commit yourself to make profit nor to compete with others
  • expect nothing, give everything, care for yourself
  • think of a distinctive design, let all participants know it, bring them together, reflect about inclusion, stay open and connected to the "outside world/reality", stay radical
  • inspire yourself by not forgetting to dream
  • keep asking these questions anywhere, do research, share the lessons learned
  • act, fail, learn, act again, fail again, learn again, act again, ...
  • taxes nature is they are bound to the state or citizenship, so I do not know any generic tip - except to go underground or play dead