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good_night_right_side wrote

Honestly I don't know of any real way of taking their money away other than taxation. Currently in the US, especially with Citizens United,it is near impossible. More and more I think that the only solution is violence, which wont happen until people start starving.


lookin4 wrote

reality fix:

  • find start
  • replace with have lost close loved-ones, who were

there are already a vast number of people in the world starving every single day. this is not a secret, nobody is denying it, but it is not uncommon that this causes impuissance, paralyzing from shock, suppression or else.

(sorry for this, cynicism aside. what follows in my next post, will be basic, but rather abstract ideas.)


good_night_right_side wrote

Starvation was a general thing I threw there that is relatable to all human beings. I am hoping, perhaps optimistically, that there exists a threshold of suffering where people would say enough is enough. I see your point however.