What program should a beginner use to edit a simple video?

Submitted by jbistac in AskRaddle (edited )

I would like to put together a fan music video that will basically just be a slideshow of pictures and clips, with a song playing over it. And should I avoid programs that ask for permission to use my computer's microphone, camera, access my browsing history? Because I don't see why they'd need to know that. Seems fishy.


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mofongo wrote

I recommend Openshot. It's simple, free, libre and multiplatform.



throwaway wrote

If you're looking for something FOSS, this is it. It's pretty simple to use, but there's still plenty of functionality, and it works on all major OS's.


MichaelPemulis wrote

What OS are you using and is your computer relatively decent?

If you're using Windows and are looking to go incredibly simple you could try digging up an old copy of Windows Movie Maker (I believe it'll come bundled in a copy of Windows Live Essentials), but I suggest you pirate a copy of Adobe Premiere and spend a little bit of time learning that. It's a useful skill.

I'm not too knowledgeable about video editing - there might be fancier shit out there - but both programs can accomplish what you're trying to do.