Why do many people not realize or care when they sexualize aspects of childhood?

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Idk how to word this, but I'm noticing a trend. First thing that comes to mind is cutesy lolita stuff (why even use that word to describe the aesthetic when Lolita was a book about a pedophile?!), heightened-pitch voices, giggling, wide-eyed innocence/naivety, you know what I mean? I don't get how that's not creepy. Something that just upset me was I saw in a picture one of my favorite burlesque performers did an act where she's wearing a diaper and has a pacifier. Then I remembered a music video by performer named Aja and one scene they're in underwear and have a bottle and pacifier. These are just two disturbing examples that are on my mind. I don't get how this passes as okay.


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MichaelPemulis wrote

My theory:

Women are often simultaneously infantilised and sexualized. There is an association that youth = beauty and being young implies naïvete/innocence, thus people (men) have sexualized the idea of "innocence". It's a natural extension of this to sexualize vulnerability, weakness, etc. And children are (fuck I hate thinking about/typing this) the epitomization of many of these traits in the eyes of many, so I think that's where the Venn diagram overlaps.

jfc what's wrong with this world


jbistac OP wrote (edited )

Well said. Fucking gross.


MichaelPemulis wrote

I know right?

Spend 5 minutes on just about any porn site and you'll find video titles that use words like "violate", "innocent", "corrupt", "tricked", etc. Sexualizing the act of taking advantage of someone in a position of little power/agency. Reducing sex to a commodifed and exploitative power imbalance. Hell, I've been guilty of indulging in those fantasies when I was a teenager and still occasionally have those thoughts pop up (although years of working on my shit makes it easier to combat).

I'd argue - based on observation and experience - this fetishization of vulnerability is present in both straight and queer communities, although to a lesser degree for the latter. It permeates so many aspects of our society and is socialized into us from the time we're born, so it's not a surprise that so many treat that as an acceptable norm. And if you deviate from that some people can actually be pretty hostile... I'm guessing because you challenge their preexisting beliefs about the way the world is or something, I don't fucking know.

Sorry for the wall of text rant, too much coffee, tldr men suck patriarchy is shit the world is a fuck


RedA wrote

the world IS a fuck! surely some men are decent


ziq wrote

I'm pretty sure they fully realize what they're doing.


ravengrace wrote

Its not just the sexualization of youth its mostly a sexualization of power. It's all about power because their minds experience an overload in power and like a drug they have to keep upping the power they have to experience the ... gross feelings they get from it I guess? So they have so much power and they need more, so they go from sexualizing youth to sexualizing children etc. For a lot of people it goes beyond fantasy and they infantalize women everyday me included. At work, school, within social groups whatever. Because there are hierarchies of power within gender and age groups.


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ziq wrote

Popular opinion: you deserve to have your spleen pulled out through your mouth. I hope you die slowly and in agonising pain very soon.