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ravengrace wrote (edited )

Shes really skilled at making videos . She is entertaining and at the same time can get a complex message across and make it easy to understand. I really enjoyed her video decrypting the alt right and I show it to a lot of people.

However she can be problematic at times... For example when she justifies cultural approptiation. (She dresses in sugar skull makeup, kimono , etc and kinda makes fun of white people but says its not that big of a deal )Other than that she has a lot of nazi costumes and I know it might be just for the video but is it really necessary..? She has so many personalities on the show that its hard to tell what she really thinks or if shes just trying to appeal to a mass liberal audience for example shes anti alt right but makes fun of antifa a lot ..


ziq wrote (edited )

Being able to make fun of your own politics is a good thing. People that treat it like gospel are weirdos.


amongstclouds wrote

I was about to post the same. When you take yourself to seriously you end up being another Stalin or worse.


ravengrace wrote

Ya I can laugh at a lot of her stuff like the fact that I basically am antifa cat girl. But there is some stuff she said that just rubbed me the wrong way :P and I've watched almost all her videos . not gonna unsubscribe still because its better than the majority of whats on tv or youtube.


gamebox3000 wrote

Most of her jabs at the left aren't that she thinks we have bad polotics but rather pointing out some of the self sabotaging that can be prevelent among us. Stuff like being inscrutible( democratic socalist vs social Democrat)and haveing image problems(no vote only SMASH!!). Contra is very much a lefty and most of her jabs at leftists are her pointing out what the community could do better.