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GrimWillow wrote

I haven't seen too many of her videos, but the ones I have seen haven't been too bad. She had a "Tiffany Tumbles" episode recently that touched on the use of the word "trap", but I didn't get the impression that she really would want to be identified with the term because she made a decent argument on why it's problematic. If she used to identify this way, maybe she changed her mind. I almost think this "Tiffany Tumbles" character could be a side of her that she used to be.

She seems to take an anti-alt-right stance, and really enjoys creating somewhat disturbing and creative content. I can't say I like, or agree with, everything she has to say, but overall I have enjoyed her style and wit. Plus, I enjoy seeing a trans person do relatively well in the cess-pool of trans-misogyny known as youtube.


this_one wrote (edited )

I'm gonna be honest, I first watched her videos probably over a year ago, so my memory isn't the clearest. I might not have been 'trap', specifically, but she definitely used words for herself which made me uncomfortable, especially since (at the time) she was also saying she was cis.

I definitely get why some trans people reclaim the word trap for themselves, and if that's what they want to do, that's awesome, but when cis people do it, it feels a bit icky to me (even if, consciously, I understand that cis crossdressers might share a bunch of the same experiences as trans people that spur them to do that)