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GaldraChevaliere wrote

I do feel like trap has some power for me the same way that queer does, as an act of spite and rebellion against both cishets and truscum overly absorbed with trying to get the breeders to like us at the cost of our kin who can't afford or don't want SRS. My self description is often "not a trap, but an ambush", changing the context from a passive and deceptive trick to an outright act of aggression and contempt for an enemy.

It's definitely problematic, and it fucking infuriates me when cissy crossdressers use it to be all cutesy and appealing to creepy misogynists, but if it's not our word, it's my word. It's not something I'd ever describe another trans or intersex person with unless they used it for themself, but I use it both in what I do to put food in my mouth and what I do to make sure I won't ever have to worry about food again. I don't want to lose one of the few weapons I have against cishets for the sake of respectability.