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wild_liger wrote

How does the quote from Lenin go? The capitalists will sell us the rope we use to hang them? The reproduction of capitalism is not an essential, immutable quality of the outputs of capitalism; ideology is reproduced by people and their actions, not by objects.

I think that there's something valuable to be learned from following this line of questioning, but taking it to a dogmatic extreme just ends up recreating a kind of economic individualism that's part and parcel of the same capitalist system. The idea that you can strangle capitalism by dropping out, by refusing to participate, reinforces the lie that it's a voluntary system to begin with, that it was something people chose rather than something imposed upon them.


0w0 wrote

That quote is not from Lenin.


ergdj5 wrote

thank god, id never want to resort to quoting lenin


rot wrote

still a good sentiment


elyersio wrote (edited )

/u/wild_liger still hasn't edited their comment to correct their foolish mistake! PITCHFORKS OUT!!!


rot wrote

Pitchforks out!!! -Murry Bookchin