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wild_liger wrote

How does the quote from Lenin go? The capitalists will sell us the rope we use to hang them? The reproduction of capitalism is not an essential, immutable quality of the outputs of capitalism; ideology is reproduced by people and their actions, not by objects.

I think that there's something valuable to be learned from following this line of questioning, but taking it to a dogmatic extreme just ends up recreating a kind of economic individualism that's part and parcel of the same capitalist system. The idea that you can strangle capitalism by dropping out, by refusing to participate, reinforces the lie that it's a voluntary system to begin with, that it was something people chose rather than something imposed upon them.


0w0 wrote

That quote is not from Lenin.


JoeMemo wrote

Like facebook, reddit, twitter? I think they lead to stagnant politics because everyone is forced to self-censor to avoid getting banned. So the only 'left' that ends up thriving on such platforms is 'reform the state' dsa types.


selver wrote

Eh getting banned from Reddit or Twitter is pretty uncommon in my experience. It's usually specifically targeting other users that get people banned. I definitely don't hold back on Reddit, and the commies are the only people who have ever banned me.


rot wrote

Anything that educates or organizes people is a net good. Publicity can move the overton window to the left, it's not the platform you want but it's the platform you have now


ravengrace wrote

I agree people using fb to organize has caused a lot of problems in my community. I think everyone would be a lot safer without it , but a lot of people won't leave facebook for whatever reason.


selver wrote

I don't think so. No different than any other space, states and corporations own everything.