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Pop wrote

does disagreeing with a peanut make you a peanut


rot wrote

Only if you attack their person and not their ideas.

You can criticize Islamic countries without being islamaphobic

You can criticize Israel without being antisemetic

You can criticize a culture or nation without being racist


Brick wrote

Threatening their free speech by saying "stop being a bigot" makes you a literal nazi.


closed wrote

As I wrote in that thread.

The Oxford definition of bigot is:

A person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions.

According to that definition, disagreement has nothing to do with it. Intolerance is the key word. It's not so complex is it?


ziq OP wrote

If you know how everyone on raddle is using the word why are you quoting a different, more obscure usage from a dictionary?


closed wrote

Well, not everyone thinks Raddle's usage is more authoritative than the Oxford english dictionary's. Sometimes different perspectives can be enlightening/useful.