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closed wrote

I'm not referring to Anarchist_critic. The way you personally treated a much worse user, a blatantly racist, but respectful and sincere visitor from Voat a long time ago showed me how little interest you have in talking to those with differing opinions.

The whole site is a manifestation of that insular attitude, and I suppose that's exactly why active users like it so much. I appreciate some of the content that gets posted, but I'll never be a real part of the website, and wouldn't be surprised if you banned me right now.


amongstclouds wrote

Go coddle racists somewhere else.


closed wrote

The racists on Voat don't need my help coddling themselves, just as you seem to be doing quite well enthusiastically hiding from reality around here.

It's sad that you have so much to say about one another, but don't talk at all.

I prefer other websites were people are more free to speak their minds, and in turn learn to deal with the unpleasant thoughts of others.


ziq wrote (edited )

Racism is a lot more than a differing opinion. When you don't shut that shit down, everyone that isn't a racist fuck feels unsafe and unwelcome in the space.

Making PoC feel welcome and not dehumanized is a lot more important than coddling some reactionary in the interest of open debate.

No platform for fascism.


closed wrote

I suggest you spend a little time chatting with people on similar websites that cater to racists - I could suggest one or two. You're safe behind an anonymous user account and you might learn more about how they think.


ergdj5 wrote

I've actually read a lot of colonial and fascist writings, really don't wanna have to directly interact with them to figure that much out.