How do you do self-care?

Submitted by nbdy in AskRaddle (edited )

I went to counter protest neo-nazis today and even though it went well and the fash left, I feel like shit. What do you do and what do you recommend for self-care?

EDIT: Gonna get some Diary free icecream


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ravengrace wrote

I try to keep busy to get my mind off things.. do something active outdoors, spend time with those I'm close with... I find if I do something nice for someone else rather than myself I feel great like cooking someone a nice meal or helping someone with something or giving someone a present . Then doing stuff like exfoliate ! moisturize ! I have a long bath.. put Healing Clay on my face ! put coconut oil in my hair overnight. smoke some weed ! Go out and listen to some live music. Exchange massages. not in that order but yeah.


this_one wrote

I don't really have an specific advice, but I tend to find it helpful to think of myself as someone I'm dating - what would I do for my partner if they were feeling what I'm feeling right now. I also find that it helps, because it makes me better at identifying what I'm feeling/putting it into words (even if I don't say it out loud, I'll still kind of imagine the conversation I'd have with my partner).

Sometimes it can take me a while to really pin down what's up, and I find that an hour or two walking alone in the bush has proven itself to be a good place for me to do that.


robottroymacclure wrote

for me good music and working out with a good group of friends (if you like martial arts) makes all the difference, that and cooking a good healthful meal.