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retiredshared2 wrote

It is a thing at times; usually among far-right 'free market but not actually'. Ancaps tend to support it, libertarians tend to support it, conservatives tend to ignore it, but there's some weird in-between that hates it.


sudo wrote

The only people I've met who are hostile towards free as in freedom software are capitalists in the software industry. They objections are usually something like, "How will my business survive if someone makes a libre version of my app?" If their business relies on people paying them for something that could be done for free, then their business doesn't deserve to exist.

There are some other people who hate it because they think it's low quality or virus infected, but usually those people are referring to free as in beer software.


Fossidarity wrote

Oh yeah, I get "this software sucks, it must be open-source" type of jokes thrown at me all the time at work.