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ziq wrote (edited )

I'm always being told by USAers especially that their nation isn't an empire because it doesn't fit whatever definition is in the dictionary. It would be helpful to talk about imperialism and how it never really ended, just mutated so they could continue to evade responsibility. The history of Banana Republics would be helpful and how they've evolved today, how the military industrial complex plays its part and how capitalism's need for infinite growth means Europeans are driven to crush, conquer and destroy absolutely everything around them for profit. How democracy is used as a carrot on a stick but is too controlled by the rich and their politicians to actually be useful for poc liberation. How voting is like a a drug that gives you a fleeting high but ultimately leaves you in despair when it wears off and you notice nothing has changed.


Pop OP wrote

It would be helpful to talk about imperialism and how it never really ended

agreed. Your general points re imperialism are well-taken

in the dictionary

In this case, it would be a definition that we come up with, not a dictionary one, with a warning against using dictionary definitions (shorter than this one).

There will be some room to challenge voting and stuff, but unfortunately for the moment these will also be seen by teachers and other authority figures and we need to be careful that we don't scare them too much
will keep it implicitly anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist for most of the time


rot wrote

call imperialism "globalism" or "global capitalism" and you'll probably get a better response.