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robottroymacclure wrote

I listen to hip-hop and electronica on spotify. my favorite station on pandora is Adele. When i do Karaoke my favorite song is dont stop believing by Journey. i dont like heavy metal because it is too loud and hurts my ears. i like chilling to modern country music on the radio but i like old country music too. As long as my friends like a song on Facebook that is my favorite but i wont listen to anything my friends dont like i hate any music that makes me think too much. i have a record collection that consists of two records, one by elton john and one by Boston. i got them from my dad. I listen to them when i want to remember him. /s


surreal wrote





GrimWillow wrote (edited )

I'm usually in the mood for chill dark glitch trip hop (I turn it off if it has any trace of problematic lyrics/clips), but I can get into anything that has radical lyrics.

My "favorite genre" is not a form, but the meaning of the music. I almost never end up listening to country, but I definitely would if it were Anarchist country. A 5 year old hitting pots and pans while repeating "fuck the police" would be music to my ears in comparison to a talented artist singing about how some lady should give into their entitlement of her body, or she'll regret it...

edit: I want to mention a bunch of styles that I can also be in the mood for:

  • Hip-Hop
  • loving that dark 80's retrowave/laborwave style stuff around
  • Punk
  • Metal
  • Acoustic
  • Progressive Rock
  • Disco House
  • Glitch Hop
  • Trip Hop
  • Psytrance
  • Witch House
  • And jamming with friends :)

rot wrote

Rock, especially prog. I've gotten into metal, rap, and punk recently.

also jazz and blues they influenced everything else in some way.


Cheeks wrote

Politically charged hip hop. Punk rock. Bluegrass. Old country. Alt-country. Folk music. 60's and 70's Ska. Afro-pop. Classical. Bebop jazz.


this_one wrote

Electronic stuff. I used to listen to a lot of metal, but as I started turning away from music with lyrics (or at least, lyrics I could comprehend), electronic stuff began to fill up a lot of that space.

My favourite artist is definitely Singto Conley (I dunno what kinds of places people here like to listen to music, so I'll just post a few) spotify, bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube


ziq wrote

The blood curdling screams of bankers being dissected.