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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

I'm usually in the mood for chill dark glitch trip hop (I turn it off if it has any trace of problematic lyrics/clips), but I can get into anything that has radical lyrics.

My "favorite genre" is not a form, but the meaning of the music. I almost never end up listening to country, but I definitely would if it were Anarchist country. A 5 year old hitting pots and pans while repeating "fuck the police" would be music to my ears in comparison to a talented artist singing about how some lady should give into their entitlement of her body, or she'll regret it...

edit: I want to mention a bunch of styles that I can also be in the mood for:

  • Hip-Hop
  • loving that dark 80's retrowave/laborwave style stuff around
  • Punk
  • Metal
  • Acoustic
  • Progressive Rock
  • Disco House
  • Glitch Hop
  • Trip Hop
  • Psytrance
  • Witch House
  • And jamming with friends :)