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GaldraChevaliere wrote

I had a metric fuckton of stuffed animals as a kid. I finally lost the last one, which was like the third I ever got in my life, when I was homeless. I've thought about 'rescuing' more of them, but just never got the time or extra cash.


bloodrose wrote

I used to collect quite a few things. I had a huge comic book collection in the thousands. I had collector toys. I had collector's edition barbie dolls. Then I had a fire and lost most of it. I couldn't believe how freeing it felt to have none of those things anymore. I bought a bed, got some free furniture and dishes, and had my laptop. That was it. And it was awesome. Now, I specifically try not to have "things" and I am consciously trying to live with less and less in smaller and smaller spaces. I am annoyed by how much I still own and am constantly trying to have less but still have the tools that I need. Anytime I buy a book or a zine, I try to read it and then pass it on, not keep it in my house.


Fossidarity wrote (edited )

I'm collecting political stickers now on my toilet's door, it's almost full.


gone wrote

My coin collection was sold for rent and food when needed. I had a stamp collection as an adult, but it was for communication purposes with a pen pal: I liked to have a picture on the stamp that was related to the content of the letter/postcard that was mixed visual art and word pictures.

My guitarsenal is probably a bit excesssive at the moment as is my library of actual physical books by millenial standards.

The worst "hoarder" collection in the house is the piles of literal "dirty laundry" belonging to the most superficially "socially acceptable" member of the family through no fault of their own, since they have more money than time.


yaaqov wrote

  • I find myself picking up bones, shells, and exoskeletons;
  • I often impulsively purchase musical instruments (typically small/cheap, like slide-whistles or student melodicas);
  • I have a large number of books about the game Go that I think I knew I'd never read (I sort of horde books in general, usually under some pretense of eventually reading them);
  • I keep digital collections of thousands of PDFs of language grammars and other linguistics stuff, mostly compiled by other people and shared online.

surreal wrote

when i was small i used to continue a collection my parents had with coins from around the world, until i realized i hate collecting things and i hate any kind of currency.


rot wrote

None of my collections last :D I don't get connected to things like that