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ziq wrote (edited )

"Stalin 2018 wouldn't send you all to the gulag for being gay because he'd be SO EVOLVED you guys! So we should totally keep praising comrade Stalin and his many great deeds! The Stalin that killed you for being gay has nothing to do with the Stalin of 2018. Because obviously there are no homophobes in Russia / Georgia nowadays!"

That page is also chock full of lies, like all tankie propaganda. Facts my arse.


0w0 wrote

"It was just the accepted medical science at the time", liberals and other reactionaries accepted that because in both 1923 and 1925, Dr. Grigorii Batkis, director of the Institute for Social Hygiene in Moscow stated that homosexuality was normal and should be legally and socially respected.


Cheeks wrote

Exactly! You got to love the blatant fallacies that ignore the scientific and academic landscape of the time, i.e. The Frankfurt school, in lieu of the culture of fear that tankie and fascist governments were creating then.