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noordinaryspider wrote

Radical politics.

You are all very nice people and I'm sure I'd enjoy exchanging recipes and talking about our cats, but there is only so many hours in a day. I read things that do make me feel feelings but haven't really noticed a lack of lighter forums or appropriate emotion dumps.

But there is a need for information that is difficult to find on the mainstream web in some countries. There is also a need for analysis and "raiding the arsenals" of the hallowed ivy-covered halls for those of us who do not have access to student loans, adequate study time, and adequate access to parts of the brain that aren't as important as reptilian fight-flight-or-freeze don't-think-just-act parts sometimes.

That's what has been special about this place for the last month or so that I've been here. It was okay to wander in as if Raddle were an emergency room and I was a homeless person passing through town. I've been able to ask Anarchism 101 questions and get compassionate answers. I've been able to fuck up and apologize to my trans sisters and be forgiven for my genuine ignorance and wanting to please and falling in with the wrong crowd.

I've seen people I care about clash, rethink, look at the bigger picture, forgive, and move on.

Of course it would be nice to have a bigger community and see radical ideas become more mainstream, but not at the expense of who we are and what makes us special.

Noordinaryspider laughs self-deprecatingly and says, "I am old. I know." because there is no sense in crying over spilled grassroots movements that got co-opted by corporations so long ago that nobody even remembers who Helen Hegener is any more and noordinaryspider has to say "John Holt the radical educator, not John Holt the reggae musician" to keep from looking stark raving mad.