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ziq OP wrote (edited )

There's no way to do it unless it's a collective effort. I've done it elsewhere before but raddle has far too big of an anarchist bent to attract anyone that isn't already on our wavelength... and raddle's wavelength is really really deep on the electromagnetic spectrum. Early on I made some inroads attracting FOSS advocates, but most of those people aren't interested in taking FOSS further; to its natural destination (anarchy) and so raddle is intimidatingly radical to them and they don't stay.

Even with pre-existing leftists who you'd think would be jumping to join raddle - Your basic reddit white anglo leftist is completely out of their element here.

Not to mention your typical USSR-loving vanguardists that just straight up don't like sharing a space with people that make it their duty to pop their little authoritarian bubble. This audience is used to spaces where any criticism of their ideology is instantly labeled counterrevolutionary bourgeoisie propaganda and the dissenter is spat on and cast out. When we don't provide them with that, they leave in disgust (or worse, they stick around long enough to want to change the site to meet their authoritarian ideals).

If even self-identified radical leftists don't stick around here, there's little hope we'll ever get apolitical and politically-immature people invested.

Most people don't respond well to the notion that they're ignorant, and there's no way that the average self-important entitled Internet user isn't going to be ignorant for a long time before they can figure out all this dense stuff we take for granted because our particular minds are wired for this hyper-niche stuff we talk about.

Trojan horses... r/collapse articles on reddit, for instance, are good at opening eyes and then it's only a small step from that into anti-capitalism once they're gently shown what is causing all this destruction.

Capitalists try to use collapse stuff as trojan horse to sell prepper gear and supplies.

Fascists try to recruit there too, but they'd have a hard time convincing people that their methods do anything to address the catastrophe of mass industry, so they pretend to be apolitical and whine that 'commies' are ruining the space by blaming collapse on capitalism, to try and shut down any inroads at anti-capitalist outreach.

When I promote raddle in apolitical or liberal spaces, the highest voted responses are always "clicked link, saw all the featured forums/top posts were shoplifting/anarchism/acab, closed tab".

Everyone is looking for an excuse to not embrace anything new. To not challenge their ego or worldview. They'll take literally the first excuse that is offered to them to dismiss the scary new idea/platform and never think about it again.

Understanding how to break through that blend of fear, arrogance, ignorance and self-entitlement is an artform in of itself. It would take dozens of accounts working in unison to trojan horse raddle. To make it appear normal on the surface before gently prodding users towards anarchy once they've invested themselves and allowed their egos to open the door to their minds a bit.

I edited my previous comment btw to add another line.