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robottroymacclure wrote

anarchism is appealing because it is idealistic, or at least the way i see it, it might not be as practical but that is why it is radical. Im more interested in philosophical and politcal discussion relating to progressivism and new ideas. no one knows the way forward for the "country" i dont really care so much about the "country" if a small group of us could find a novel way to live together in a small group that will keep us all happy healthy and mostly morally intact through the apocalyptic scenarios the future holds. im am interested in contributing and being a part of that group. the basis of this has to be some sort of non-heirarchal anarchist political structure where we can focus on the big idea. the big idea being, or ability to learn to integrate and live sustainably in nature and with each other in ways we are currently incapable of. so, radical politics is the point of being here but all the rest is just necessary fun.