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Tequila_Wolf wrote

There's a critique of mass organisation / mass society that comes from post-left anarchy, if you're interested in looking into it. Unfortunately I don't know good readings offhand or I'd post some. If anybody does know good readings, please do post some, I'd like to read them.

I'd like it if people made decent memes calling out anarchists - from my perspective that meme points to a legitimate critique of classical Marxism regarding state-forms. Which is to say, it would be nice if instead of cutting down on critique by anarchists of other tendencies, that those tendencies would start doing some critiquing of anarchists and others themselves.


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ziq OP wrote (edited )

Tankies don't help radical spaces, they destroy them. I'm not welcoming to tankies for that reason.

What raddle could use is more demsoc types; people that are actually capable of growth and not attracted to a creepy dictator-personality-cult where any thought that threatens to expose their dogma as being dangerously reactionary is furiously stamped out.

Authoritarian leftism is a deadend. Raddle was never posing as an space for authoritarians. When they come here thinking it's for them, they're always in for a rude awakening. Those that stick around are bound to clash with anarchists because they represent everything we struggle against.