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asdfasdf wrote

according to someone in my english class it stands for

  • Year
  • Eleven
  • English
  • Textbook

this_one wrote

As far as I know, it doesn't really have a specific meaning, it's just a word (I think originating from basketball) that you say when you throw something, particularly when you throw it with a lot of force/effort.


transhumancom wrote (edited )

i've always interpreted it an ambiguous, nonverbal approval/agreement. perhaps occasionally sarcastically, but what isn't?

edit: nonverbal is the wrong word to use here and i can't think of the right one


gone wrote

I say "animal noises" and it doesn't seem too offensive to my digital native.

It might be analagous to "w00t!!!" which I had to ask about.

The digital native is son not grandson, but it's still a 40+ year age difference so sometimes we just have to give up and say, "Well, you kind of had to be there and you weren't." and chalk it up to irreconcilable chronological cultural differences.


ravengrace wrote

Asked my younger brother he told me it just means yeet


gone wrote

That's probably what my own digital native would say if I asked him and I don't want to deal with the eyerolls right now.

Puberty sucks, even more for the pubertee than for the innocent bystander who gets puberted as collateral damage.

BTDT already; hoping your younger brother's and my youngests' are relatively painless as far as puberties go.


GrimWillow wrote

...who gets puberted as collateral damage

I'm finding the concept of collateral puberting to be too funny right now for some reason.


muskellunge wrote

It's pretty much just a general exclamation/agreement, but it also means throw

Gen z slang is weird, ain't it?