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This is empirically untrue through. Anarchists believe all kinds of mutually exclusive things. Possibly the only thing all of you are is anti-state...

Any "Anarchists" that reduce the struggle to something without intersectional solidarity with the oppressed, count among the ones that incorrectly refer to themselves as "Anarchist". If an "Anarchist" is not feminist, then they cannot be called "Anarchist" due to the fact that patriarchy is a forced hierarchy in our world; and so it goes with addressing any other kind of forced hierarchy established in our society, from subtle ablest legislature to an entire legal system that allows the rich to have their way with the poor.

Anarchists are faced with the dilemma of having been born as the labor livestock in a right-wing authoritarian patriarchal white-supremacist ablist queerphobic globalizing/colonizing corporate techno-state that is rapidly inflicting severe amounts of punishment to anyone struggling to end its reign of world-wide terror. I'm not surprised that many are nihilists, but if they no longer seek to effectively struggle against oppression, then I might struggle to describe this as Anarchist activity.

Edit: I forgot to respond to this:

...there are also anarchists who latch on to reform struggles and back statist projects like Rojava, so even saying all anarchists are consistently anti-state is hard. I'll agree that more or less all of you agree on the rejection of capitalism.

Just because Anarchists will show support for something non-Anarchist that might leverage the ultimate aims of liberation, doesn't mean that they suddenly want the oppression that it entails. For instance, we're often forced to choose between one oppressor or the other, of course we'll end up having to compromise our values. It is to metaphorically choose between a shock collar with inward spikes or a shock collar that has padding on the inside. Just because you struggle to get the padding (they always make you struggle for it), it doesn't mean you suddenly like wearing a shock collar.