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robottroymacclure wrote

if your not an anarchist do you have a political affiliation or preference? what would that be?


MrPotatoeHead wrote (edited )

I have no affiliation with any party or belief system. I want our current system to change into one that takes care of people, and removes the power that billionaires and mega-corporations have over our lives. I believe people's rights need to be increased, not be taken away. With more automation occurring all the time, a minimum income should be provided, without being a welfare state. For example, Social Security should provide a minimum income to all people of retirement age, even if they or a spouse did not pay into the system for ten years, the current requirement. This would open up jobs for younger people that can't find them by removing the need for people around 70 years old to keep working to pay their bills and eat. Social Security could be expanded to cover everyone over 18. Health insurance is criminal in the US. Medicare for all would be a good way to cover people. The problem with this is the corrosive power of health insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and giant health care providers that milk the system. There is much that needs to be done.