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edmund_the_destroyer wrote

  1. I'm cis, and I'm not offended by that label, and I feel welcome here.

  2. Should we put on the wiki for 90% or so of Subreddits that only non-anarchists and cis people are welcome?

  3. You won't be banned here for expressing an opinion. If you're banned, it's because you're trolling, being rude, or both.


ziq wrote

As far as I can tell no one banned them, unless it was a 24 hour ban that has since expired.


throwaway wrote

You won't be banned here for expressing an opinion

That's simply not true. People have been banned time and time again for expressing opinions that didn't sit well with the rest of Raddle. You've been here for a long time, you must have noticed.


ziq wrote

people are banned for violating the terms of service (almost always after being given a dozen chances to stop doing it)