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Ant wrote

** anarchists and LGBT and shoplifters.


OrdinaryRooster wrote

Good point. The most popular forum is how to steal. I tried to tell myself it was just from evil corporations. But a few days ago it was how to break into houses.


ziq wrote

Is it really so unreasonable that people with nothing would want to take some property from those who seemingly have everything?

This is the environment capitalism creates. The vast majority get nothing while the privileged few have more than they'll ever need.

'Crime' is a completely logical response to the rampant injustice and suffering perpertrated on us by the wealthy so they can maintain their advantage.

I tried to be super patient with you, to tell myself you were new to radical politics and could learn to overcome your biases if we were patient with you, but you keep making the most ignorant, bigoted comments about people that suffer with far less privilege than you. Defending homophobia, then transphobia, USA nationalism, scorning people for being lawbreakers... you call yourself a leftist, but you're really not. Even a lot of liberals would be aware enough to know the things you've been saying are fucked up.


ziq wrote

I tried my best to welcome you, but you're obviously going to continue choking on your own privilege.