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OrdinaryRooster OP wrote (edited )

The what? Isn't that an insulting name for ordinary heterosexuals? I call people what they prefer. Just to be polite. If people want to be called black or African American that is the term I use. If they want to be called Native Americans or Indians those are the terms i use. Pretty sure ordinary heterosexuals never chose to be called cis. So it's rude of you to use the term. If you are determined to divide people based on their sexuality, I think straight is the preferred term.

But as the right plays "divide and conquer"with the left, you help them.


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Why not. I didn't want to leave anything when I was banned. But I did leave one comment. The straw that broke the camel's back. Being downvoted for agreeing that a bird picture was nice. This reminds me of when the righties came to Reddit and started Brigading leftists like me. I remembered them following me around and giving about 50 downvotes for saying "that's nice" on an obscure art sub. You're no different.

You can do what you want. It's your forum. If you just welcome anarchists and LGBT people you're allowed to do that. BUT TELL US. You have about 20 active members and ziq does most the posting. And I could have helped raddle to grow. Like I did Reddit. Cause I have the "here, read this" gene. But I see raddle is just for a tiny number of people. Your choice.


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The way I see it, when someone tells you something is offensive you have 2 choices.

  1. Dig your heels in, lash out at everyone around you and leave in a fit of rage so your ego will remain unscathed and you won't have to change anything or suffer the mild embarassment of admitting you were wrong.

  2. Listen to the marginalized people who are expressing to you that they are hurt by your choice of words, engage in self analysis, grow as a person, use the experience to better yourself and your community.

Which one of these 2 choices is worthy of a leftist who wants to foster a better world for all?


ziq wrote

Calling heterosexuals 'ordinary' is kinda like calling everyone that isn't hetero abnormal. You keep putting your foot in your mouth like that and idk if it's on purpose or not.


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OrdinaryRooster OP wrote

I looked it up and I did notice it wasn't a term straight people chose for themselves. But a term that has been inflicted on us without our being allowed to reject it. Sort of like the n word was inflicted on people without them being allowed to choose.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

So you feel that the suffering of people being referred to as cis, is equivalent to the bigotry and pain the N-Word carries for Black people. I'd say something about False Equivalence, but that term feels mild, sort of like describing the slaves brought to America as involuntary immigrants; no matter what way you put it, it's a gross understatement of the horrors they went through.

In any case, the way you can flat-out type "cis," but cannot type out the N-Word in its entirety, does convey that one term is seen as a far greater slur than the other.

Contrary to your beliefs, cis isn't a term solely for straight people. Cis is the counterpart of trans. If you identify as the gender chosen for you, you are cis. Cis and trans are referring to gender identity, while Hetero or LGBT refers to sexual attraction. A Straight man can qualify as cis, but so can a Gay man. There is no slur about it.

In any case, given the many pejorative terms we've given Transgender individuals and the fact that Transgender people have the highest suicide rate of any group and are more likely to be the victim of a hate crime than any other minority group, I don't think them referring to us as cis is quite the crime against humanity you make it out to be. Due to persecution from cisgender society, a transgender person's life span averages out to be in the neighborhood of 30-35 years. So forgive me if I don't feel that being called cis is the worst possible offense ever.


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Sorry, I'm just as ordinary as you! And for reference, it means 'comfortable in skin' i.e not trans. Nothing to do with heterosexuality.