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mofongo wrote

I'd die during the apocalypse.


Pop wrote

I feel like so long as you can suck dick you've got a chance

I feel like aside from that there are too many potential post-apocalyptic scenarios to speculate much


Dumai wrote

suddenly this thread has made me feel a lot better about myself


robottroymacclure wrote

i would start writing everything down. i would not immediately be of use, except maybe as a scribe? people 100s of years in the future, however, would all reference my accounts to understand what went down.


retiredaccount wrote

Not useful to others, but could survive for myself. Got basic survival skills, just enough to keep me alive.


therealmidnite wrote

Well, that depends... what kind of apocalypse are we talking about? Are we talking real end of civilization scenarios or Hollywood apocalypse (you know, the silly kind preppers fantasize about) - because they are definitely not the same thing.


boringskip wrote

I can set up mesh wifi with solar panels and keep detailed offline maps with openstreetmaps data


GaldraChevaliere wrote

Not as much as I'd like to be, but I'm hoping to change that. I can take care of myself pretty well in a rural environment and I'm decently sneaky, but I'm not as talented with trades as I'd need to be to make myself 'useful' outside of scouting and looting.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Good agriculture skills.

Excellent knowledge of materials, basic science, technology, medicine.

Pretty good knowledge of edible plant life and how to approach new foods safely.

Good at working on pre-1995 cars.


asg101 wrote

Worthless: As soon as I can't get my coffee any longer, I will be done.


supernice wrote

My outdoor skills are pretty good I think. I've still got a lot to learn though about repurposing found objects. I've never been very social, so that may be a benefit too as I'm pretty self reliant and don't really need the company of others too much. Also may be easier to get on as an individual as opposed to having to worry about weak links in a group.


elyersio wrote

if you find me in time you can freeze me and use me to fend off starvation


rtsn wrote

Not useful at all. I would probably be dead within a week or so.


GrimWillow wrote

As others have said, there's a lot of different visions of "post-apocolyptic". For most scenarios though, having good politics and a focus on mutual aid is an extremely important factor in the safety of a community. As Anarchists we aim for creating safe spaces from those that would attempt to dominate, exploit, or destroy us. I have confidence that as the society around us corrodes, the Anarchists will have the safest aim. This is a long way of saying that almost any role of someone in a community is useful, even the disabled. It's about the community for survival. We are social creatures.

What I would bring to the table includes patient and thorough scavenging, general homesteading skills, trapping, butchering, canning, etc. Also, art, poetry, writing, and game design.


ziq OP wrote

Think The Walking Dead. No civilization, no industry, no currency, minimal community-garden type agriculture.


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

With zombies: I'm quite able, and a great urban scavenger. Need to brush up on my gun skills though. Unfortunately my strong point is close quarters combat, so not great here.

Without zombies: The skills I listed are still pretty useful here.

I've been mentally preparing for a post-apocalyptic world to be my future, and being mentally ready is half the battle.


noah wrote

I'm a level 0.2 Bard with -3 constitution :(

And I can't cast any spells.


RedEmmaSpeaks wrote

Not very. I fall to pieces under ordinary circumstances; I don't even want to think about what I'd do in extraordinary ones. I take a whole cocktail of pills to keep my various mental illnesses in check and I get scary without them.