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GrimWillow wrote

As others have said, there's a lot of different visions of "post-apocolyptic". For most scenarios though, having good politics and a focus on mutual aid is an extremely important factor in the safety of a community. As Anarchists we aim for creating safe spaces from those that would attempt to dominate, exploit, or destroy us. I have confidence that as the society around us corrodes, the Anarchists will have the safest aim. This is a long way of saying that almost any role of someone in a community is useful, even the disabled. It's about the community for survival. We are social creatures.

What I would bring to the table includes patient and thorough scavenging, general homesteading skills, trapping, butchering, canning, etc. Also, art, poetry, writing, and game design.


ziq wrote

Think The Walking Dead. No civilization, no industry, no currency, minimal community-garden type agriculture.


GrimWillow wrote (edited )

With zombies: I'm quite able, and a great urban scavenger. Need to brush up on my gun skills though. Unfortunately my strong point is close quarters combat, so not great here.

Without zombies: The skills I listed are still pretty useful here.

I've been mentally preparing for a post-apocalyptic world to be my future, and being mentally ready is half the battle.