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Amy wrote

It's worth a shot, next time your speeds are low you could take a speedtest right before rebooting and a little bit after to see if it helps.

If you're in the US, or another country with a god-awful selection of ISPs, you're probably getting bullshitted.


gone wrote

I do notice some speedup when I reboot the router but I wouldn't ask my ISP for tech advice, even though it is an excellent alternative to the huge corporations like AT&T and Comcast.

We use Gl.Inet minirouters with OpenWRT that can blanket the whole house with our VPN. I reboot them first before doing any other troubleshooting with low bandwidth. We can go for weeks or at least days.

If you can administrate a shit router, you can administrate OpenWRT. There's also a 100% free fork called LibreCMC if you're ready for that.


ziq wrote

If it's a shit router, which a lot are, they need to be rebooted daily to work right.