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asg101 wrote

I cope by realizing that the assholes who are responsible for all this hatred, death and destruction are all going to be as extinct as the rest of us before too long. I just hope they don't die peacefully.

I have known for about 30 years that unless something that fundamentally goes against human nature happens, the feedback mechanisms that will lead to the same level of extinction as the end of the Permian period will play out. The endpoint of releasing all carbon under the permafrost and continental shelves will not be conductive to the continuation of civilization or of most species. Nothing of any significance has been done to reverse this process, or even stop it from accelerating, because that would entail thinking ahead and eliminating greed. The plutocracy will not even admit the process is happening because they profit from business as usual..

I know this probably doesn't help, but it is how I deal with it. I was a LOT more politically active in the 70's, 80's and 90's, including direct action, organizing, etc... but my head finally started hurting too much from bashing it against brick walls and batons.

I have already mourned the innocents, and I take comfort in the coming extinction of the guilty. But I know the cycle of evolution will continue as it has in the past. Maybe the next dominant species on this planet will take better care of her. I am now trying to just appreciate the very rare and almost unique experience of being witness to the process unfolding.