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Naokotani wrote

I used to be a total nihilist in my 20s. Basically drank myself silly, traveled around Latin America doing drugs and treating women as objects for personal gratification. I really didn't like the world, so I convinced myself that my actions were meaningless. In other words, I coped by being a jerk.

Eventually I realized my behavior wasn't sustainable, so I decided I needed to find some purpose and I gained an interest in Buddhism. This lead me to give up meat because I wanted to follow the non violence aspect, later I gave up drinking, which led to quitting smoking and drugs (mostly cocaine, I will still have mushrooms or weed, but I rarely feel motivated to do so.)

At the same time I started to develope a keen interest in yoga and meditation, which led me to eventually go to India and Nepal where I found a yoga teacher that I eventually went to for yoga teacher training.

Meanwhile, my relationship with women improved and I met someone and now we are starting a family together, which brings a lot of meaning to my life as well.

The last 10 years has been a long process of constant self-analysation, and giving up one addiction after another. Everytime I give one up, I realize that more lay below the surface.

Basically, I'm not suggesting you do yoga or become Buddhist, in fact, organized religion often prays on those who are looking for a way to cope, and is rife with charlatans, but I would suggest you find something more than our broken world to latch onto.

Of course, I highly recommend getting involved with community as well. The more I get my own head on straight, the more I feel I have to give back to the community in the form if volunteerism and just being a good friend. I find the more you give to your community the more it gives back and then you focus on where you have helped and been helped, and despite a troubled world you start to gain more faith in humanity and hope as a result.