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Potemkin wrote

I think these are all helpful suggestions. Having a political or ethical analysis is often fraught with feelings of isolation, frustration, a sense of urgency, and perhaps feelings of helplessness or lack of agency. I think many of us often feel alone or isolated, as well. Day to day, it can be difficult, but a few things that help me are:

  • History: I love learning about history. This helps me keep a sense of perspective, allowing me to see that things were different once and can be different in the future, that revolutions can and do happen, and gives me a sense of connection and continuity to humanity generally and those workers and revolutionaries that came before. Also, it helps to immerse myself in the political ideas I enjoy when unable to find a community to discuss with.

  • Community: Obviously, it really helps to have even a small community of like-minded people. Virtual or real-world, it's really nice to be able to talk with others of like-mind for sanity and motivation.

  • Friendship: Whether political or non-political, just having a friend or two that accepts you and your positions, and that you have more in common with than just politics, helps immensely.

  • Projects/agency: It's also helpful to be able to work on projects that are a manifestation of your political analysis. This helps us be and stay active in bringing about the world we wish to see, and helps build a sense of agency and working toward the goals that we value.

I think radical communities haven't done well to support one another and address things like depression that naturally arise out of compassion and the want to change things for the better. We should be kinder to one another, especially online (since we haven't gotten to the point of being completely rude to people in person all the time, as we do online--the general "we" as in humans, no one in particular). We should also try to join together to help each other through the unprecedented craziness that is the global socio-political situation at present.

I think the most important thing in coping is to understand that you're not alone, and that others see and feel the same things you see and feel, and are struggling with them as well. Life generally can be rough and difficult, but love and solidarity and friendship and comradery help.