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selver wrote (edited )

Booze, weed, and staying up too late for my own good.

My mondays are pretty rough.


ConquestOfToast wrote

Depends. Drink until I can't remember how I got to bed. Or meditate and have wild intense prophetic dreams.


supernice wrote

Reading knocks me out sometimes, but a lot of times it just keeps me awake. I have been experimenting with essentials oils to see if I can get better sleep. I have sleep apnea and Sweet Marjoram oil seems to help a bit, but I'm not sure if it's just all in my head or not.


quadrungle wrote

Redshift (or other anti-blue tech) for devices, amber to red lighting at night for the room (amber safety goggles work and are cheap).


yaaqov wrote

White noise usually helps me. The other night, though, I couldn't sleep at all, so I tried counting sheep!* It worked very well, I only got to 16 or so.

*Well, goats.


robottroymacclure wrote

i play the theme song from golden girls backwards for an hour while im drinking scotch out of my favorite growler. scotch growler. works every time.


Green_Mountain_Makhno wrote

Stop moving for more than 30 seconds.

A few drops of CBD oil and some deep breathing helps for those nights where my 3 cups of coffee and 4 cups of tea that keep me going and fuel my second job are still going strong when I get home.


gone wrote

CBD oil is legal in many places where Colonel McMarijuana isn't. I'm glad it's helping you and will mention that to Gentlest Daughter if she is receptive.


AresUII wrote

I just close my eyes and try to fall through the mattress.


GaldraChevaliere wrote

I'm usually up at night and asleep during the day. I try to just keep the room dim and put some soft music on, maybe conscript one of my partners as a teddy bear if they're also sleepy or not too busy.


trashcan wrote

Weed gets the job done on the nights where I need some help.


Cheeks wrote

Noise... The more the better. Honestly, anybody that knows the sound of a full house sleeps well when they can and horribly the rest of the the time. I'm not talking about the nuclear family here. I'm talking about a village. I haven't slept a decent night in a decade as I don't have the community I used too. Booze helps but it is merely self medicating and doesn't fix the real problem.


gone wrote

I sympathize.

The best night of sleep I ever had was Christmas Eve 2011 because it was the only night in my entire life where I could sleep under the same roof with every single one of my kids.

They were noisy as fuck! My two oldest girls are only14 months apart and they'd literally never shared a room before and barely even knew each other.

Don't even get me started on the boys' burping and farting me off to dreamland.

I should have had more kids.


Krokz wrote

Music. Usually harsh; it helps me to keep my senses busy while my muscles relax. Currently Rammstein.


jadedctrl wrote

I usually just let my mind wander on autopilot— but I don't let it think about real life.


bloodrose wrote (edited )

Switch sleeping locations. I go from bed to couch and then if I wake up again from couch back to bed. Once I wake up, I feel like my brain decides where I was is not a sleeping place and won't let me sleep there.

Edited to add: Crud. I don't know why I first read that as what do you to do to go back to sleep. Silly me. Probably because I woke up three times last night. To go to sleep: melatonin + trazadone + perfect sleep hygiene. Like, I literally am never in bed before I'm already nodding off. I read for a minute in the bed and fall asleep. If I'm in bed for more than 15 minutes not able to sleep, I change locations. Keep it as cold as I can (hard to do in summer), dark as I can, and turn off all blue lights after sundown. I use a variety of aps to do this. I have terrible sleep problems. Going to sleep is work.


gone wrote

Sleep is work for me too.

I don't intentionally change locations, I just don't want to keep the other occupants of the bedroom awake and frequently find myself passed out on the couch with the cat.

There isn't enough physical space for us to have immaculate sleep hygiene and it's almost a relief. That must be rough to do everything "right" and still have such bad issues.

You are very brave.


muskellunge wrote

Stay up until I can't anymore, then tightly wrap myself in a blanket and hug a pillow


leftous wrote

Because thinking and overthinking (particularly paranoid thoughts) are what keep me up, meditation helps me most. If that isn't the issue, then listening to audiobooks helps a lot. I have some helpful resources listed on w/audiobooks and w/audioresources, but I can also post audiobooks if anyone needs one.


gone wrote

Colonel McMarijuana

< cringe >

I beats the alternative, which is insanity.