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amongstclouds wrote

There are limits to human understanding. For a time people imagined the world to function like a machine. If we just simply understood how everything existed and how they function, we could understand anything there is to know. Sadly, there are people who think they can exceed those limits and those are the people we should be wary of.

Chaos theory states that trying to predict the movement of a chaotic system is painstakingly hard. Missing even the most obscure detail can seriously effect the future of said system. Through this we should see that we’ll NEVER be able to predict human behavior, animal behavior, nor even the weather with any ounce of REAL confidence.

Chaos is just the ebb and flow of many intersecting points. The idea of order and disorder are grossly human and attempt to exert control over the chaos that truly envelops everything. This all turns back to the problem of domestication. We truly think we can be the masters of everything. We’re going to fall flat on our face soon.