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ravengrace wrote (edited )

I still think equating anarchy with chaos is ancappy


thelemotta wrote

Nowadays I tend to draw my anarchist theoretical view from a mystical / spiritual perspective, i.e. i constantly borrow concepts from Taoism and poetry. Chaos is one of those concepts, can equates to Dao in my view.

amongstclouds did a good job explaining scientific concepts that I find useful when thinking about Chaos and what we can incorporate from there. Psychology, Jung, Reich and others transpersonal psychologists ( I'm a low-speed reader, and the book pile is always growing) can give wonderful insights.

I personally tend to be idealistic and dragged to romanticism for my own good, so sorry for my badtrip about Chaos hahaha.


amongstclouds wrote (edited )

Chaos is the tao is the name which cannot be named is the creative nothing is the reality I've come to know and agree with.


amongstclouds wrote

I also came to anarchism through my practice of zazen, occultism, and spiritual thinking in general.

It's actually kind of bizarre we both ended up here. Usually people who dabble in these things end up bring right-leaning market worshipers.


thelemotta wrote

Or monarchists, aristocrats and weird fash. Sadly this kind of field, specifically occultism tend to orbitate rich bourgeois and authoritarian people.

I'm glad that you are here too! :)