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supernice wrote

I agree with Anarcropolis, far too many to really choose. Here are some that I always find inspiring:

  1. Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino
  2. Salvador Dali
  3. Dave McKean
  4. Bill Sienkiewicz
  5. Layla Attar
  6. Jon J. Muth
  7. Maxfield Parrish

They are not in any particular order, just names that come to mind.


sudo wrote

Aleksandr Kosteckij, Wassily Kandinsky, and Lee Bontecou.


Zzzxxxyyy wrote

Dr. Seuss


fjones wrote

It's been a while since I talked about this:

  • In 1871 the Federation of Artists was formed in the Paris Commune - Both Manet and Courbet were members;

  • Egon Schiele & Gustav Klimt, their tender relationship together, their paintings;

  • Jean Tinguely's self-destructing sculpture at the MOMA;

  • Duchamp's "Large Glass"; Schwitters escaping the Nazi's to England, his Merz paintings and Merzbau; Kathe Kollwitz's figures;

  • Jean Dubuffet; - everything; esp. the book "Asphixiating Culture"

  • Picasso's Guernica; Miro's abstracts; Luis Bunuel, Jean Vigo, Jean Renoir (films)

  • Raushenberg's combines, Joseph Cornell's boxes;

  • Lee Krasner's abstracts; Dorothea Tanning's surrealism,

  • In 1967 0r '68, Godard started making the Dziga Vertov group films (anti-capitalist and horizontalist);

  • The German film-maker Fassbinder wrote 2 good books on Anarchy and made a good film about his film-making collective (Beware a Holy Whore); another about rascism in 1970's Germany (Ali: Fear eats the Soul) and about the desire for a strong leader among the German people and Baader Meinhof (Germany in Autumn);

  • Cassavettes' films are out of this world(w/Gena Rowlands); I also like Shirley Clarke's artsy films; Germaine Dulac' Surrealist Woman Filmmaker (Seashell and Clergyman w/ Artaud);

  • Artaud's Theatre work and cigarette drawings;

  • Louise Nevelson's Black Sculptures; The Surrealist Women, esp. Frida Kahlo, Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo;

  • The Chicago Surrealists, esp. Penelope Rosemont, whom I believe is anarchist (IWW Member);

  • Anyway, I know more anarchist authors and musicians beginning with Mary Shelley. (and her dad).